Seattle based Module Makers talk about how things got started and where they are headed in the Modular Synthesizer space.

When is a Module Not Module?

When it's a pedal, or at least that was the usual line of thinking until Moog came up with the Moogerfooger and (RECOVERY) hand wired products started appearing on music store shelves all over the World.

And With Each Step a Wider and Deeper Dream

Delicate interlocking monophonic lines collide in moments of deep harmony, over a 1970s rhythm machine backdrop.


How to Sell Your Music

Back in the day, when record labels did all the work that now has to be done by you, it was easy to focus on doing nothing but making music and having fun. How things have changed.

DIY or just Pick Up A Box

Building your own
instrument from a
kit is fun but time
consuming, but the upside is knowing you put it together.


Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 3

The third in a series of albums that began with the iconic Oxygene 1 in 1976...

Autechre - Vinyl Re-issues

It seems like only yesterday I was strapped into an aircraft seat...

INTERVIEW : Robert Moog

Colorized Robert Moog Photograph


Modular Synthesizer Planner

Recording Tips

Useful Studio Tips


A Random Sampling of Words

Sharam Jey, Netborn, Paul Van Dyk, Client, Lopside, Junior Senior, Erasure, Deepsky, Zero 7, Porcupine Tree, Signal, Tarwater , Ladytron , Speedy J, Daft Punk , Raymond Scott, Moby, Guillermo E. Brown, Dan The Automator, Slang, Steve Roach, Depeche Mode, John Digweed, Wendy Carlos, Sneakster, Faultine, Family Fantastic, Mother Mallard, William Orbit, Boards of Canada Sven Vath, Air, David Bowie, Basement Jaxx, Orbital, Art Of Noise, Prodigy, Gusgus, Jon Crosby, John Digweed, The Bowling Green, Roger Eno, Wendy Carlos, Family Fantastic, Photek, The Residents, ICU, Robert Scott Thompson, Si Begg, Sven Vath, Gearwhore, Faithless, DeeJay Punk-Roc, Bill Laswell and Sacred Sound System, Super Blond Galaxy Girl, Mocean Worker, Psychotica, Trance Atlantic Air Waves, Plastikman,X-Dream, Ben Neill, Mono, Equinox, Perfume Tree, Karlheinz Essl, God Lives Underwater, Sum, Add N to X, Beanfield, Wamdue Project, Vidna Obmana, DJ? Acucrack, The Hunger, System 7, Steve Stoll, Kerosene, Massive Attack, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Donald Glaude, Junkie XL, Propellerheads, UMO, Pitchshifter, Material, Curve, AIR, Ulf Langheinrich, Paul Lansky, Hooverphonic, Dubstar, Two, Ysatis and Deupree, Vapourspace, The Moog Cookbook, Gary Numan, Peach Union, Trance Atlantic Air Waves, Luke Slater, Plug, Komputer, Death In Vegas, Michael Robinson, The Crystal Method, Derek Pierce, Scanner, Fluke, Cumulus Mood Twang, T-Bass UK, Doktor Kosmos, Sneaker Pimps, Dr. Octagon, Darren Price Howie B, Amon Tobin, Moloko, em:t, Meat Beat Manifesto, Gusgus, Rockers Hi-Fi