Modular Synthesizers - The New Frontiers Of Electronic Music

Small production houses are challenging industry giants who are responding with small and powerful boutique/semi-modular and even eurorack format systems, fueling electronic musical instrument development.

Check out our ModSyn department for links to educational resources, retailers and the excellent I Dream Of Wires film. The ultimate Electronic Music primer.

2016 NAMM Module Roundup

We weren't able to make it to the 2016 NAMM Show this year, but the folks over at I/O Music Technology posted images of some new modules to look out for in 2016.

Thanks to Steve Turnidge for the heads up on this.

Harvestman - Stillson Hammer

Harvestman Industrial Music Electronics announces the Stillson Hammer 4 Track Performance Synthesizer.

Four CV/gate tracks directly control your collection of oscillators and percussion. Seven pages of parameters determine your musical performance, edited in realtime with a bank of 16 sliders.


Arca, aka Alejandro Ghers, puts out Mutant as a follow up to last years Xen at a time when electronic music is going places even electronic music is surprised it's going.

Björk certainly heard something interesting, leading to his co-producing her Vulnicura LP.

Raised on the likes of Autechre in Caracas, of all places.

Wendy Carlos

Grand Royal was the Los Angeles, California based vanity record label set up in 1992 by the Beastie Boys, and was also the name of a magazine written and published by the group.

In issue 3 of the magazine, released in 1990, Andy Blinx interviewed Wendy Carlos.

The Science Of Deduction

This multi-synth, guitar and vocal quartet from Seattle defines the rebirth of the Electro genre in a region best known for traditional 5-piece rock bands. TSOD delivers a synth-pop-dance-throb beat, compelling lyrics and capable vocals that merge into something new yet familiar.

Video of The Separation is from TSOD's newest release, Blue Ocean Rising Red Blood Running.

Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra

Over 20 different NYC female keyboardists playing Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells on vintage keyboards at Joe McGinty's Carousel Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Filmed and Directed by Amy Hobby and edited by Tony Zajkowski.

Don Muro

Don Muro plays a synthesizer arrangement of J.S. Bach's "Gigue Fugue" in tribute to Wendy Carlos' groundbreaking album "Switched On Bach," released as an LP in 1968.

This video is from the DVD "An Overview of Electronic Instruments."

MMTA 2013

A modular synthesizer Synthest, featuring a "Petting Zoo" where enthusiasts could show off their gear.

"The Performance / Telepresentation Room" for performances and presentations, "The Trade Show Room" where manufacturers gave demos of their gear and a "Jam Session Room" a big day-long jam session that anyone could join and leave as they pleased.

Electric Love Blueprint

This good looking print features influential electronic musicians and inventors superimposed over the circuit diagram of the theremin in the same way as metallic pathways on a circuit board connect components.

Brian Eno is surrounded by Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle while a few circuits, and decades over are Leon Theremin, Robert Moog and Raymond Scott.

Jean-Michel Jarre

"ELECTRONICA 1: The Time Machine" was conceived with Jarre's wish to encompass the last decades of electronic music with the participation of outstanding artists of all generations with whom Jarre feels especially connected with by a common DNA.

The album features 15 different collaborators, including M83, Tangerine Dream, Gesaffelstein, Armin van Buuren and more.

Polychromatic Music

An introductory comparison of 21st century electronic instruments including the Tonal Plexus, Roli Seaboard, Continuum Fingerboard, and Microzone U-648, from a microtonal perspective.

Polychromatic (high pitch-resolution) systems reveal new multidimensional qualities of sound and complex interactions of harmonics.

Moog Mother-32 Overview

Who doesn't want a Moog synthesizer? Exactly! We all want one... Rishabh Rajan got his hands on the new Moog Mother 32 which captures the imagination even more than we expected and is eurorack ready.