One of the very first interviews we conducted was with Robert Moog, an inventor whose name is now synonymous with electronic musical instruments. Since then we've interviewed musicians from the rock, pop and classical worlds, and more recently a new breed of synthesizer inventors, Modular Synthesizer designers.

Robert Moog - Moog Music, Minimoog

Rick Wakeman - The Strawbs, YES

Gary Numan - Cars, Tubeway Army

Scott Kirkland - Crystal Method

Larry Fast - Synergy, Nektar, Peter Gabriel

Michael Paradinas - μ-Ziq, Jake Slazenger, Gary Moscheles

Jochem Paap - Speedy J

Paul Lansky - Professor of Music Composition, Princeton University

Harry Hamer - Chumbawumba

The Enigma - Jim Rose Circus

Jeff Greinke - LAND, Hana, Dennis Rea, Faith & Disease, Art Zoyd

George Mattson - Mattson Mini Modular, Syntar

Scott Jaeger - The Harvestman

Danjel van Tijn - Intellijel

Scott Rise - Division 6

Synthwerks - Steve Turnidge, James Husted

~flight - Flight Of Harmony