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There has never been a better time for getting into modular synthesizers, and there are lots to choose from, but it can be an uphill battle getting it all to work together.

Here are a few things that might help you, starting with Noob 101, a step by step journey into the wonderful world of modular synthesizers from a newcomers perspective. An intimate insight into the trials and tribulations experienced while setting up a modular synthesizer system for the very first time.

The journey starts with a sequencer bought at a trade show, then onto the kind of hardware required to hook it up, power supplies and beyond.

01. Pacific Northwest AES Meet

02. SQ816 Sequencer

03. Eurorack Pleasure Package

04. Why Eurorack?

05. Micro Switches

06. Cabinet, Bus Board and Z-Rails

07. Ribbon Cables and Z-Rails

08. ModSynBox

Chris Meyer's Learning Modular

Chris knows a thing or two about modular synthesizers. He let us publish a couple of his articles that might help you.

Choosing Utility Mixers for Your Modular

Should you go Semi-Modular or Full?


Stephen Jones at PNW AES Redmond, February 2010

Evolution of the Synthwerks FSR-4 Classic. Part 1, Blueprint

Evolution of the Synthwerks FSR-4 Classic. Part 2, Realization

Evolution of the Synthwerks FSR-4 Classic. Part 3, Protoype

2013 MMTA Synthfest, Shoreline, USA

SQ816 Sequencer Overview

KORG littleBits


Patchwerks recently opened a bricks and mortar store in Seattle.

I Dream Of Wires is a must see film all about electronic music and the people who make it.

120 Years Of Electronic Music, and counting.

MODULARGrid allows you to create a virtual modular synthesizer rack.

Analogue Haven, one of the leading online electronic musical instrument retailers.

Muff Wiggler is a forum for anything to do with electronic musical instruments, and cats.

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