Studio Quad V2

Studio Quad V2 PictureThe Studio Quad V2 is a must addition to any project MIDI studio, and has more than exceeded our expectations.

Within minutes of turning the unit on a preset called Cathedral caught our ear, and after scrolling through the well stocked options menu we assigned all four processors to this preset, to hear what would happen. The result was an amazingly complex and rich reverb effect which we quickly saved as a new preset.

Other reverb presets were equally impressive, everything from warm studio ambiences to bright clean reverbs for drums and percussion. The many different delay, flange, chorus and phase presets were easily altered and saved as new presets and because of the low S/N ratio the effects sounded remarkably clean and well defined, and stringing various effects together to create new and exciting presets was simplicity in itself.

Scrolling through the presets or writing a new name using the data wheel did become a little tedious, a tiny alpha numeric keypad would have been a nice addition but would have increased costs, and besides the front panel is quite full as it is, with the illuminated control buttons, Q Dial and extra large illuminated LCD window there really isn't anywhere to put one. A quick remedy was to simply place all your favourite presets close to each other, and to get into the habit of using the buttons to delete characters when renaming new presets!

All in all the StudioQuad V2 is without doubt one of the best medium priced multi-effects processors available.

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