All the software and hardware tools you need to be able to record an album from start to finish, all in one box! Maybe a few years ago this would have seemed a little far fetched, but now it's a reality thanks to a company which has helped define the art of digital recording and processing.

ToolBox comprises of ProTools Power Mix, a software package that allows you to record and edit audio without any extra audio capture or processing hardware, an Audiomedia III PCI card, which adds powerful DSP capabilities to your Macintosh and the D-fx plug-ins package, giving you the ability to add digital effects to your music.

Also included are lite versions of Peak and SFX Machine, both from BIAS.

Upon recieving the ToolBox we managed to installed all the components, software and hardware, in under ten minutes. Not bad considering a tape based system with the same number of available tracks, effects processing capabilities and signal routing equipment would take days to put together.

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