Wendy Carlos - Digital Moonscapes

Hailed by many as her best work, Digital Moonscapes is now available as a high definition 20-bit remaster on an enhanced CD that contains, among other things, photographs of her studio, images from a recent live performance at NY's Beacon Theater and even pictures of Wendy's cats and dogs - lots of them.

Not much has not been said about Wendy's music these past thirty plus years since the release of the ground breaking Switched On Bach in the sixties, the album which single handedly kick started an age of electronically created music, but it is important to note that Wendy is the first to acknowledge that those early electronic instruments weren't the most subtle or flexible tools with which to make music, but combine the sounds produced by all those voltage controlled filters, low frequency oscillators and voltage controlled amplifiers and you come much closer to creating something with actual warmth and, heaven forbid, feeling.

Thankfully Digital Moonscapes is anything but an attempt to faithfully reproduce the sound of an orchestra, with just enough of an electronic edge throughout to make the most technocidal of you click your repeat buttons.

Rating: 903,255 (out of a possible 1,000,000)