With tens of thousands of electronic music makers out there, and live streaming as easy as clicking a button, electronic music live is the obvious place to host live streaming electronic music, but why not just go to your local venue and watch a live performance there?

Well, from what we've learned from speaking to people involved in the electronic music scene, from the musicians and the promoters and the fans, there are lots of people making it but don't want to leave their studios, and lots of people who like it but don't want to go and watch it.

Sure there are massive audiences at EDM shows, and the electronic music bands with record deals, or the time to tour every time there's an album to promote, to visit local venues from time to time, but for artists who make music instead of loading all their gear into a truck well, electronic music live might just be the perfect place to perform.

As you may have noticed we're currently fairly early in development, the site is relatively static and hard wired together, so we can't automagically make you live after filling in an online form just yet, but there are a couple of ways we can think of in the meantime to at least get a link to your live event added to the calendar.

Check out the FAQ for more information.