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Etherwave Theremin

With the rapid increase in the popularity of electronic music we can expect to hear the amazing sounds produced by the Theremin used more and more, and with the introduction of The Etherwave the stage is set for the Theremin to become a standard household appliance.

Introduced in 1996, the Etherwave Theremin emulates the tone color and playing characteristics of the originals, retaining a five-octave pitch range and reliable spacing between tones for sophisticated playability. It mounts on a microphone stand or sits on a table and can be used with any kind of amplifier. It can even be plugged into a home stereo or for practice purposes used with headphones.

Within minutes of turning the Etherwave on we were making sounds and even playing simple tunes, but after a couple of a couple of hours we realised we would have to start from scratch and actually learn the correct way to play it.

Simply waving your arms around might be a lot of fun but just doesn't cut it when family and friends expect a concert performance. Luckily the Etherwave comes complete with, among other things, an instructional videotape so into the VCR it went.

Featuring Lydia Kavina, cousin of the late Russian inventor Leon Termin who invented the very first Theremin, it takes you step by step through subjects such as correct hand postures (which really do make a difference), adding vibrato and even how to do scales and arpeggios. It's capped off with a couple of Lydia's own compositions which are amazing and really help demonstrate the remarkable range of sounds the Etherwave is capable of producing.

After mastering the basics you'll be able to play the Theremin easily and to great effect. A staff member with no musical ability was able to play several well known tunes (and a few of her own) within minutes of watching the instructional video.

The Etherwave is available as a fully-built instrument or a build-it-yourself kit. Either package includes the instructional videotape, the Clara Rockmore CD "The Art of the Theremin" (which is an absolute joy to listen to), a photo-history booklet about the instrument and a manual for "hot-rodding" or customizing your theremin.

Manufacturer:Moog Music

Description: Theremin

Functions: Over 1,000,000,000 different tone, pitch and amplitude combinations, Two continuous rotary controls for waveform and brightness, Five octaves (3 above and 2 below middle C) pitch range.

Specifications: durable rocker switch, 110v wall transformer power supply unit (220v on request), phone jack on front panel, direct audio into your own amp/speaker, furniture-grade hardwoods and birch plywood; black instrument-grade finish; (unfinished in kit); mounts on standard mic stand, authentic shape, nickel-plated 3/8" brass .

Made in the USA