Peak 2.0

Of all the many and varied software based digital audio tools we've ever had the pleasure of checking out, Peak has got to be one of the most intuitive full feature editing applications of them all. It's actually the only software product that makes it into every one of our Start It Up MIDI studio setups (apart from the MacOS itself of course).

Although Peak is primarily a digital audio recording and editing tool, with the ability to apply various effects and treatments using proprietary and third party plug-ins, it's the way in which the audio is able to be effortlessly managed that makes this the best in its class.

For those of you who know all about using a desktop computer for recording, editing and processing audio, or are looking to upgrade from an older version of Peak, just scroll down and you'll find a feature list.

For the rest of you here are a few of the features that make Peak a must have.

The first thing you've got to do before letting people hear your latest creation is to edit and process the audio files. Basically mastering your tracks. This may include anything from adding a few fade in's and out's all the way to applying multiple digital effects and creating complex transitions between tracks.

After crossfading tracks, applying a multitude of effects from the many and varied plug-ins designed to work within Peak's architecture (including some that took advantage of Peak's TDM, Adobe Premiere and Audiosuite plug-in support) and even going in deep to manually repair a few clicks and pops that had made their way into our source audio, we realized that there wasn't much more we could ever need from an editing application.

But what happens when you've got your tracks just as you want them, after they're edited, processed and all lined up ready to go?

For starters Peak is now capable of sending your digital audio to a CD burner, an operation usually handed over to Adaptec's excellent Toast application. Now, all you have to do is open a new playlist within Peak, import the audio files you want to burn to CD-ROM, arrange them into different running orders if you like and even apply real-time digital effects, and off to the burner they go.

This is actually no mean feat if you stop to think about it, the same application able to record or import audio from any source, edit and process it and then send it off to a CD burner without requiring the use of any third party application.

Version 1.5 of Peak was also the first Macintosh audio editor to support the RealAudio Encoder, providing users with a single application with which to record, edit, and deliver streaming audio over the Internet. But now, with the addition of Real's latest codecs and those from QDesign, the codec used in every streaming QuickTime 4.0 file in existence, you'll be able to produce web ready audio files one at a time or by the hundreds and even thousands using Peak's batch file processing.

These features alone make Peak a must have tool, able to not only edit your files with incredible accuracy but also to be able to follow through and produce media that can be burned direct to CD or uploaded to the server ready for broadcast.

Okay, here is the list of main features we mentioned earlier:


Digidesign DAE support
TDM and Audiosuite Plug-In support
Real-time Adobe Premiere Plug-Ins
Support for 24-and 32-bit files
Playlist-direct CDR burning
QuickTime movie window
SMPTE synchronization
Expanded sampler support
Improved toolset and user interface
Captures CD Audio (SCSI extraction)
Drag & Drop Entire Disks or Folders
Adjust and Capture Loops During Playback
8-bit Support
Cut & Paste Markers with Audio
Automatic Region Separation
Adobe "Premiere" Audio Plug-In Support
Join any Two Mono Files (Plus Split Stereo Files)
Import/Export Pro Tools Dual Mono Files
Customizable Blending and Fade Envelopes
Background Waveform Redraws
Samplers Supported:
E64, E6400, Esi-32, ESI 4000, E-IV (and all permutations)
Kurzweil K2000, K2500 Etc.
Yamaha A3000
Peavey SP/SX
Ensoniq ASR-X and EPS-16+
Akai S1000, S2000, and S300 series
Roland S-760

CD Goodies:

Arboretum Systems Demo's
BitHeadz Demo's
Drumtrax Demo 3.0
Koblo App's
Orbit Productions - Vintage Power Pack Demo
Production Calculator E

Rating - 970,242 (out of a possible 1,000,000)

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