Cabinet, Bus Board and Z-Rails

I've decided to build a standalone case for the modules, rather than a built-in approach, primarily so I can stack them on top of each other if I build more.

The Z-Rails are still in transit from Control and I ordered a Zeus Passive Bus Board from Analogue Haven yesterday that should be here soon.

I'm going to use Oak for the cabinet because it's the only hardwood I can get locally and also ties in well with the title of my next album. The original Moog Modular 55 cabinets were made out of Walnut but at one point they also used Oak so it's all good.

I also paid another visit to Fry's and bought a switch I can use to turn it all On, Off and then back On again. I didn't see a On and Off switch, just the On Off On switch.

Editors Note: The wood is cut and the Bus Board and Z-Rails are here. Will post a link on the Modular index page when the page is ready.