Eurorack Pleasure Package

After a veritable orgy of ordering over the weekend we're now eagerly awaiting our little bundles of joy to magically appear in our freshly scrubbed and red carpeted mail box.

Our Eurorack Pleasure Package consists of the following modules, each of which will be lovingly screwed into a double row ModSynBox hand crafted from Walnut that is currently under construction and to be made commercially available from this very website in the near future.

We will also be reviewing each module and maybe even producing some videos so you can watch us pretend we actually know how these things work and what they do.

Modulation Orgy - Synthetic Sound Labs

Azimuth II - Intellijel Designs

Rubicon - Intellijel Designs

Dual ADSR - Intellijel Designs

Hertz Donut MArk II - The Harvestman

Maths - Make Noise

Quantum Rainbow - Steady State Fate

X-Series Dual SV Filter - Macbeth Studio Systems

Also included is a Zeus Access and a couple of Zeus Passive and Studio Bus boards by Tiptop Audio as an alternative to the power supply solution we featured in our first ModSynBox.

It can be powered by a Cincon 100-240v, 15v 4.6 Amp PSU which is the same kind of PSU used to power laptops, so they're easy to come by and relatively inexpensive.