Ribbon Cables and Z-Rails

After much fun powering up the sequencer yesterday I decided I really needed a rack of some kind as soon as possible. After doing a little research, and realizing I really didn't need to be moving it all around from place to place much, I decided to go with a built-in approach that would also solve an issue I have with my monitors being too low down on either side of my monitor.

Regardless of the finished design I soon realized I'd need some things called Rails, to hold the modules in place, and some Ribbon Cable to route the power throughout the structure to power the individual modules.

I ended up ordering two Silver 126HP Tip Top Audio Z-Rails from Control, that were shipped this morning, and took a trip to my local Fry's to pick up the cable.

3ft Ribbon Cable at Fry's with only 9 Conducters.

I was very dissapointed to find out they only had 9 Conducter Ribbon Cable when I needed 10 Conducters, and the kind of connectors I needed to connect the modules to the cable weren't available either, so I'll be ordering the 10 Conductor Ribbon Cable from Jameco and also some connectors when I've figured out what type and how many I'll need.