SQ816 Sequencer

I purchased a Mattson Mini Modular SQ816 Sequencer this last Saturday while attending the Mostly Modular Trade Association's 2013 Synthfest with a view to building my own modular synthesizer from the ground up.

I'll be documenting the journey as I go, complete with trials and tribulations, and writing reviews of everything I add to the rack, starting with the SQ816 of course which incidentally is a collaboration with Division-6 who wrote the software.

It was funny unboxing the module and realizing I hadn't the foggiest idea how to plug it into anything, and how would I hook it up to my computer?

I have a much better idea what's going on now, thanks to several conversations with the brilliant George Mattson.

So the power supply arrives tomorrow, with some connectors George very kindly assembled and included in the package, and he assures me I'll at the very least be able to see some flashing lights shortly thereafter.