Daft Punk

Showbox, Seattle - Saturday, September 6, 1997

Brought to Seattle by Tasty Shows, Daft Punk are currently on tour promoting their latest album Homework (Virgin) which is gaining critical acclaim as well as helping to get them around the world in front of large audiences like the one here in Seattle tonight.

After gaining entry to the showroom first impressions were of the amazing light shows that were taking place simultaneously around the auditorium as a featured DJ managed the music end of things for the half hour or so it took for Daft Punk to take the stage. Video images with the usual colored oil filter overlays were interspersed with futuristic oblique patterns that roved the walls. The towering varilites on stage added to the inspiring display as the DJ kept the packed house on their things.

To the sound of battling titans Daft Punk took the stage. Godzilla versus Mothra. With their eq knobs within easy reach the two guys from Paris manipulated the sonics and sounds with consummate ease. A seamless Disco extravaganza, using the 70's genre as if it was so much fodder they created a string of masterpieces from a collection of drum loops and a few carefully placed samples.

By the time the main riff from Da Funk hit the room the audience were well and truly locked into the groove. Shrieking samples and thumping bass beats turned friendly godfearing people into disco dervishes that writhed and gyrated to the incessant electronic barrage. All the while the two maestros from fun Paris controlled the pace and took the audience where they wanted to go.

Great show.