Paramount Theater, Seattle - Wednesday, September 13, 2000

With some serious critical acclaim from his recent release preceding him Moby took to the stage tonight and gave the audience a better understanding as to what he is all about, how he got to be here and a taste of the music that led up to his multi-platinum Play.

A forty five second long guitar solo, with all the trimmings, pointed fairly and squarely at his metal laden Animal Rights release, the one that put all the music journalists out of shape after expecting another techno album along the same lines as the Story So Far, containing Go the track that helped put Moby on the map in the first place.

But Play was the star tonight, with renditions faithful to the versions on the original recording played by the group of five musicians including a DJ from Queens, a singer from Manchester, bassist, drummer, keyboard player and Moby on same and everything else.

Among the totally enjoyable set of new and relatively new tunes were a few magic moments included (and not limited to) a brief rendetion of the classic Beverly Hills Cop theme on his new Korg keyboard, getting a kiss from a female member of the audience, a demonstration of super fast conga playing during an epic version of Feeling So Real, a haunting acoustic version of Porcelain, being given a four pack of Playdoh by someone and the mega epic close consisting of pounding bass tones that drilled through your mind with lights so bright I thought he was going to catch on fire.