Showbox, Seattle - Wednesday, April 28, 1999

As this, my first Underworld show, was well underway I realized more than ever that electronic music is only just beginning to kick in, and it's the likes of these three seasoned musicians from England that are the ones forging ahead and breaking new ground while mainstream pop artists continue their slow rolls into mundanity.

Promoting their 1999 release Beaucoup Fish, a recording that has graced our platter almost non-stop since we first received it, Underworld were assured and proficient as they took the capacity crowd for a ride which was one of those that you wish would never end.

As you can see from the images this was also an event that made the most of the best that technology has to offer, with visuals generated by several Beta decks which were fired up as Underworld took to the stage and most of the dirty work up on stage handled by a couple of Apple powerbook's. The only recognizable item, other than the multichannel mixing desks, was a Nord lead synth.

As a modified version of their Trainspotting hit was helping to round off the evening I couldn't help but notice how enthusiastic everyone in the place looked. After almost two hours of some of the most driving beats and sumptuous pads around, embellished with vocals and electric guitar, it felt like it could have gone on forever.