Roger Eno and Lol Hammond

Roger Eno and Lol Hammond have somehow managed to put their wildly differing musical stylings into one space to create an intriguing collection of works called Damage which, in it's own special way, just might inspire others to look a little closer at the raw power a piano accompanied by just the right accompaniments is capable of producing.

Often content to simply breeze along with the flow, hardly ever piling up the pieces to the usual grand climax before the long slide into silence, Eno and Hammond have taken the time to hold back on the heart stopping grooves and instead look into the spaces that often get ignored.

Until Lose That Skin came along I wasn't actually sure whether this album was for me. I just didn't get the simplicity. But after several moments with an oddly de-tuned piano and what I suspect to be the ex-Drum Club member Hammond's inspired subsonics, I was at once clued in and ready for a lot more. Blue Kind Of Drug, which followed, stayed in the same lane while slowly lifting me back up into that already familiar and super hypnotic drum loop that just grinds away forever.

From there on in things just got better and better.

Rating - 792,477 (out of a possible 1,000,000)