Nick Longo - Actuality

We received this CD along with an amazing piece of software from a guy called Nick Longo, who not only composed, performed and produced the music but also used the software he developed to help create the work.

As a demo of what the software is capable of doing it more than shows off the remarkable way in which MIDI performance data can really help add infinitely more expression than the usual joy stick or pitch wheel.

Don't expect any drum tracks or vocals on this CD. It's strictly instrumental, with lush synth pads, complex percussion loops and ethereal melodies. There's a simplicity to the whole thing that also makes you realize that ground breaking state of the art software, although often relatively challenging to learn to use, is ultimately capable of helping the musician create that which often remains in the imagination. A few headaches when figuring out how to use all the new stuff out there is well worth it when you finish up with your ideas on a CD.

I'm not sure how many more CD's Nick intends to make. His new software has been featured in most every major electronic music publication so far this year so no doubt he'll be busy for a while.

For more information about the software that was used in the making of this CD read our review of Flex Processor.

Rating - 714,270 (out of a possible 1,000,000)