Jacob Duringer - The Duringer Expeditions

There is a machine called The Monolith which is capable of making music. It is essentially fifteen keyboards stacked next to each other enabling the virtuoso to control fifteen different MIDI channels at once.

It is on this remarkable instrument that the music on two CD's that were sent in to us was made. Making mincemeal of many fleetingly recognizable electronic styles Jacob Duringer produces music that could only have been produced on such an unusual machine, even going so far as to utilize the most ridiculous drum patterns at the same time as symphony style brass fanfares. A crime worthy of an ovation if ever I heard one.

To find out how to purchase CD's, or to find out more about the Monolith visit the website at www.electronic-mall.com/heavenbound

Rating - 700,948 (out of a possible 1,000,000)