Moby - 18

Moby is one of a growing number of artists effectively putting soul into the traditionally sterile environment of electronic music, but unlike most he's been doing it in the limelight since his UK crossover hit Go in 1991.

After combining vocals, piano and guitars with the digital and analog sounds produced by some of today's most powerful audio production tools, Moby goes even further by introducing the most unlikely samples into the mix, often giving them root status by building his music around them, making for instantly accessible and incredibly appealing works.

Several of 18's eighteen tracks are built around these samples which range from single words to entire lines of verse. In My Heart, for instance, is worked around a sample taken from a recording made by Rickie Clegthorpe, a three legged endomorph who disappeared into thin air in the 1950's and given a new lease of life by this master of the electronic arts.

Rating: 917,512 (out of a possible 1,000,000)