Constructive Interference - Mindfeel

I've always been a sucker for electronic soundscapes. Slow phased string pads, evolving arpeggiations and off-world sounds effects setting the scene for unimaginably beautiful melody lines to soar above.

Walter Carlos and Tomita were my first taste of this impossible new kind of music, this new super music, but it was Tangerine Dream who first dared to suggest that it could be performed live on stage instead of a sterile studio environment, culminating in what we currently hear today in the form of thousands of variations on a theme performed in front of thousands every day of the week all around the world.

One such purveyor of this electronic dance music is Mindfeel, a trio of musicians from Sheffield, England, who together have created a non-stop voyage through time and space in the form of Constructive Interference, and it really is a voyage through time and space having been started in the mid 1990's and only recently completed and released.

Consisting of James Bacon, Robin Downe and Simon Hinkler (The Mission UK) Mindfeel have produced the equivalent of a double sided LP in digital format. Seven tracks on one side and five on the other, each one running into the next, and it plays great. It's the perfect compliment to whatever you may be doing and most importantly it effortless takes you where it knows you want to go.

Just the right balance of classic synth arpeggiation, dance hall crescendos and steroid ambience, Constructive Interference is classic EDM.