Air - Premiers Symptomes

What a great way to catch up to those French guys who put out the amazing Moon Safari in 1998. A collection of early singles that tell a tale of high-class parties, expensive weekend getaways and breezy Parisienne penthouse apartments with top-of-the-line Citroen's parked out front.

Premiers Symptomes (First Signs) took me to those super lush places that I only dreamed about while growing up only a few hundred miles away in rural England.

Long warm dreamy Summer afternoons listening to Mother playing Bacharach and Distel while vapor trails made their way across…

Okay, that's enough. Needless to say anyone who is familiar with Moon Safari should expect more of the same but with a decidedly more laid back feel. Produced in Nicolas Godin's Paris apartment it's a story of discovery, experimentation and the building of the foundations for their unique style of music which featured on their enormously successful debut album.

Rating: 938,116 (out of a possible 1,000,000)