Basement Jaxx - Remedy

Like a corporate logo the words Basement Jaxx, preceded by a sonic boom of sorts, kick off Remedy, a ground breaking release from a couple of English guys who seem to have what it takes to make electronic music even cooler than it already is. For starters the principle within the opener Rendez-Vu, apart from that classic vocoded vocal we can't ever get enough of, is a crisp clean acoustic guitar which instantly helps give the multitudinous electronic elements added warmth and clarity.

Towards the end it gets the treatment though, eq'd up and down the scale as another one of the sonic boom things drops you into the next track. At this point I was reminded of Love Bomb by the Tubes, the way it pushes you from one room to the next in some giant disco house somewhere with a different scene taking place in every packed space.

Top marks go to the creators of this work, Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, who have been hosting situations that now extend from their native South London to the farthest reaches of civilization and have developed production and arrangement skills along the way that really make for a totally non-stop, infinitely replay-able work which brings almost every conceivable style of music to the table.

Rating: 928,122 (out of a possible 1,000,000)