Beanfield - Beanfield

Planetary Deadlock sets the pace as highly skilled sonic manipulators Jan Krause, Michael Reinboth and Tobias Meggle proceed to serve up some of the grooviest electronic delights you're likely to hear this side of the year 2000.

An intriguing mix of straight up electrofunk, a sprinkling of pseudo new age ethereal and the ever present techno drive gives this debut release from German trio Beanfield instant bonus points when it comes to covering all the accessibility bases.

Lots of people will quickly realize that Beanfield has something for them, in one form or another.

A safety line is supplied, free of charge, throughout the album in the form of a no-nonsense rhythm track which really allows freedom when it comes to being able to throw virtually anything into the mix at any time.

So everything is well, until Green Angel comes along. Another bonus point is earned and a lesson to all newcomers to the genre - never expect anything - ever. With a Fender Rhodes going off and doing its freeform thing a deliciously solid groove is formed as hesitant pops and zings accompany the acoustic kit. Then bang - into Code Of Confidence. Still jazzy but bigger, in an expansive sort of way, with Jaco Pastoriusesque fretless and a multitude of sonic toppings.


Rating: 929,566 (out of a possible 1,000,000)