Various - Best Of Moog

So this is what all those groovy United Statesiders were getting down to in the late sixties and very early seventies. As for me, in England at the time, Popcorn and Jeepster are the only cuts from this excellent collection of Moog synthesizer powered tunes that I remember hearing on the radio. They worked their magic on me though, inspiring a trip to the local record shop to make my first ever LP purchase which, if I remember correctly, had a picture of a coconut on the cover with jack plugs sticking out of it. An Electrik Cokernut LP possibly.

Robert Moog himself writes about this "white-hot musical-cultural revolution" in the CD cover notes, which automatically makes this collection an authentic must have situation for anyone even remotely interested in electronic music<

From Burt Bacharach's Bond Street, performed by Enoch Light & The Light Brigade, to that cover of Marc Bolan's Jeepster by Elektrik Cokernut, it's all here in full stereophonic stereo. Eighteen original tracks and one Fatboy Slim remix of Jean Jacques Perrey's E.V.R., but don't expect high art from the likes of W. Carlos or Tomita, instead prepare to witness the synthesizers' very first wobbly steps onto the popular music stage.

Rating: 841,622 (out of a possible 1,000,000)