Freaky Chakra - Blacklight Fantasy

Precision is Daum Bentley's middle name. Not many people know that, and if you don't believe me just take a listen to his latest release on the Astralwerks label, Blacklight Fantasy, and let me know if one single beat is dropped or one loose end is found hanging loose (not counting all those little doppler bits during the truly brilliant Hyperspace).

Freaky Chakra (for that is who Daum also is) takes electronic musical equipment and makes it do exactly what it is best at doing, which is allowing the operator to make music which is exactly in time and in perfect pitch. Nothing less will do. Freaky makes dance music for people to dance exactly in time to.

There's also another feature of Blacklight Fantasy which I think should be adopted by as many studio musicians as possible, and that's the non-stop thing. There's not one moment of silence between the opening and closing bars, and what's extra specially cool is the way in which you begin to hear new parts start to edge into the groove as if to say "out of the way, it's our turn now".

A valid contribution to the wonderful world of electronic music.

Rating - 921,809 (out of a possible 1,000,000)