Steve Stoll - Blunted Boy Wonder

Steve Stoll has put together a tight and well constructed series of dance grooves for this his debut album on the NovaMute label. With repeated phrases and a backdrop that is sonically shifted into different spaces throughout each track there is little or no occasion for the listener to get stuck on one particular element.

An initial statement soon reaches critical mass only to be deconstructed and taken somewhere else. Don't expect the verse chorus verse dirge that you may be used to, this stuff is all about groove and wastes no time making the point.

The music is unique in so far as it moves around in a way that was not possible before the kind of filters that exist today were invented. Instead of actual tunes, which rely on pitch to get from A to B, you will instead be treated to a kind of lateral movement which is created by variations in texture and filtering.


Rating - 802,668 (out of a possible 1,000,000)