u-Ziq - Brace Yourself

Following hot on the heels of his groundbreaking release Lunatic Harness, this EP is ultimately a collection of tracks which made it to this CD by being voted in by fans who visited the Astralwerks website and, well, voted.

Certainly a novel way of compiling an EP, and completely in keeping with the µ-Ziq approach to music making.

From the word go you can fully expect to be greeted with one of the most sonically stunning experiences you could ever want to experience, with rhythms going absolutely anywhere and everywhere at any time, but combined with longer phrases and even, god forbid, tunes, weaving throughout like vapor trails.

We recently interviewed Michael Paradinas (for he is µ-Ziq) while he was in New York on tour with Bjork. It may help you gain some insight into the mind of someone who is currently helping to define what electronic music actually is.

Rating - 977,214 (out of a possible 1,000,000)