Can - Sacrilege - The Remixes

From 1968 to 1973 a German band called CAN produced what people commonly refer to as "Prime Can", a collection of recordings that will stand the test of time because the music on these works of art is truly timeless.

I heard CAN for the first time while listening to an album called Tago Mago several months ago. I thought it was from a new experimental collective of some kind until I found out the recording was over 25 years old.

With the release of Sacrilege - The Remixes, the music of CAN is disseminated and rebuilt by some of today's most highly influential electronic music artists.

The double album kicks off with Brian Eno's 56 second remix of Moon Up followed by a remix of Spoon by Sonic Youth. By the time U.N.K.L.E.S version of Vitamin C comes along you are IN.

There are no real weak spots anywhere on the whole compilation although I wish all the tracks could've fitted onto one disk. There's also quite a lot of callback sampling which helps set up a link to the original work, although not nearly as much as could be heard on a recent Jimi Hendrix visitation I recently heard, now THAT was sacrilege.

You can check out the track listing above to get an idea of who makes an appearance on this album. Needless to say the album is a testament to the diversity found in modern electronic music. It'll take you places you always wanted to go, and even further, finally proving beyond any doubt that technology is now the controlled and not the controller.

Rating - 812,032 (out of a possible 1,000,000)