Client - Client

Most people think the Germans make the best robotic synthesizer music, those monotonous monophonics droning on and on while someone sings about basic real life, but Client are the latest in a long line of North England bands to prove this as a misconception yet again.

It's all about the climate. Invariably cold, wet and downright miserable. I should know, I was born and raised in Leeds.

Client are two women who hail from Manchester, a city on the other side of the Pennines from my and Soft Cell's home town, and the music on their eponymous release gives their synth pop predecessors a run for their money.

They put sex and love into electronic music, something that very rarely happens. Not nice lovey dovey type sex and love, but the hard as nails type. Tough love. It makes me quite homesick listening to these two Northern lasses singing about such things while synths are going off all over the place, actually.

Rating - 920,618 (out of a possible 1,000,000)