Faultline - Closer Colder

Easily the best thing I've heard so far here on the far side of the Summer of 2000, this latest release from David Kosten has what it takes to keep me happy through the dark Winter months and on into the next Millennium.

Deep, dark industrial wasteland stuff sits right there on top of some of the most beautifully recording acoustics I've had the pleasure of listening to - or is it the heaviness of some of those totally screwed up sounds kicking your average miking job into the big leagues. Kosten's production credentials would indicate that there's more than just luck goes into the creation of most every sound on this recording with some delightful soundbites to spice up the mix, not least of which features a phone conversation between several consenting adults.

Although I'm not exactly sure what the word is for this type of music these days I do know it's going to appeal to a very wide cross section of those who are looking for something other than your regular dance music, ambient or drum 'n' bass release, even though there are elements of all existing quite efficiently in the same space.

Rating - 966,812 (out of a possible 1,000,000)