Si Begg - Commuter World

Si Begg incorporates the real world noises found in and around what I presume to be the City of London in this, his debut for Caipirinha aptly entitled Commuter World.

It all starts in some weird futuristic underground railway station where a train (with amazing brakes) is boarded. Within seconds of being whisked away the music starts, built on the rhythm that steel wheels traveling on sleepers produces. From there any number of pads, drum n' bass fills and sound effects begin to fill in the blanks, always moving towards some goal which I presume is ultimately the end of the CD.

Innovative and very well produced, Commuter World is apparently a kind of departure for Si (Simon) Begg, having focused most of his energies to date into a few projects for, among others, Ninja Tune as well as performing on a regular basis as a DJ throughout Europe.

Right now though this is where he's at. Hopefully he'll stick around.

Rating - 847,201 (out of a possible 1,000,000)