Plastikman - Consumed

Never let it be said that Ritchie Hawtin doesn't take his own sweet time getting to the point.

As Plastikman on his latest release (as of July 16 1998) Consumed on the Novamute label, he seems to take forever getting to a place way off in the distance, and never even gets there.

For me this makes this album truly unique. Why should anything ever be resolved, some epic pinnacle reached, before a piece of music has to end.

His music, in this instance, is right there in-between ambient and, well, beat driven music. And beats there are. In fact if you tune out any long strung-out string parts or various analog "bass" parts, you'll often expose a remarkably complex rhythm track comprising of many percussive elements, all coming together to help drive the music way off into the far distance, or deeper and deeper into an interior, whichever way you want to envision it.

Rating - 922,104 (out of a possible 1,000,000)