Flowchart - Cumulus Mood Twang

There's something very unsettling about this latest release from Flowchart. Was this music piped to us from some distant universe? Has this kind of music always been around, played through hidden speakers all over the planet but somehow unheard by our ears? It all sounds so normal but I know its not.

Another Word Explodes is without doubt one of the most interesting pieces of music I've heard in a long while, transforming itself fluidly into an entrancing looping groove towards the "end" giving the impression that it never actually started but that it was always there. Fascinating.

Another fabby is Rust A La Glare, sounding like some sick and twisted version of a national airline advertisement soundtrack it never fails to fascinate me (I've listened to this track repeatedly now for over 72 hours and am still non the wiser as to what I'm meant to be listening to).

According to its creator, Sean O'Neal, this album has been "bubbling around" inside his head since he started making music earlier this decade. Hopefully there are still lots of bits of stuff in there for another album or two.

Icicles and clipboards is the forgotten masterpiece that is yet to be discovered in some dusty underground research station, with its warm maxi-pad vocal lines and repeating phrases and mutated percussion loops. It closes out this album with a speeded up promise of a lot more to come.