Death In Vegas - Dead Elvis

Talk about seeing a video on MTV and wanting to buy the album! It really does work folks. I saw the Dirt video and suddenly realized why we've been inundated with email from people asking us to review a CD by a band called Death In Vegas.

Actually the band is a guy called Richard Fearless, in fact he's not even a guy but a D.J. who has reached the pinnacle of pinnacles, exposure on MTV (I've been there, I know). All he has to do now is continue to produce equally amazing CD's and who knows he might become the next Madonna.

This album casts a spell on all who have heard it so far. Its diversity is its secret weapon. Heavily dub orientated Dead Elvis also includes just the right amount of synthonics and excellently crafted samples to make it well worthy of inclusion in our reviews department.

Rematerialised epitomizes the album with its down and dirty Bayswater basement reggae sub-bass, popping chops and lush string refrain topped off with spine tingling creepy atmospherics (which never let you forget that all is NOT well thanks very much).

Overall a refreshing and original album that should still sound fresh many years from now.

Rating - 869,112 (out of a possible 1,000,000)