Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst

If there's one thing I like it's music with a medical theme, and Dr. Octagonecologyst from naughty Dr. Octagon serves that up and then some.

This is a great party CD that sports some of the nuttiest scratching I've ever heard in my life. The cats hid under the bed the whole time this CD played.

I had never heard of Dr. Octagon before but I could tell right away I was gonna like it. Smutty lyrics, the kind that make you wonder if he really said that, and porn film samples over a cocktail groove of analogue synth sounds twenty tracks deep. What's not to like?

The cover art is cool, too. The insert photo looks like a chihuahua with eyebrows wearing cat-eye glasses. There is a printed message from the Dr. at the bottom of the insert, stay in school and don't do drugs.

I really like Dr. Octagonecologyst, it makes me laugh the way Cypress Hill makes me laugh.

There is a sister CD to Dr Octagonecologyst called Instrumentalyst that has the vocals surgically removed. Perfect for childrens parties.

Rating - 842,670 (out of a possible 1,000,000)