Earth Ritual - A Journey Into Drum 'n' Bass

Yet another must have compilation, this time from Hypnotic, which features some of the most respected names in drum 'n' bass, a genre which already represents a growing number of sub-genres quite capable of leaving the fold and setting up on their own.

Industry standards such as 808 State, Bill Laswell and Art Of Noise share the stage with artists who are rapidly making names for themselves on the live dance circuit and with audiophile types who live for musical innovation.

Surface 10 makes a particularly strong showing, as does System 7 (featuring as always Steve Hillage). In fact almost every angle of this most popular style of electronic music is represented here, if that's possible. And as a tried and trusted way of keeping up with what's really going on in a world rapidly turning on to all things electronic we thoroughly recommend you check out as many of these compilation things as you can.

Rating - 887,460 (out of a possible 1,000,000)