Various - Electronic Tribute To Pink Floyd

As a long time fan of British rock band Pink Floyd I was a little apprehensive about dropping an electronic music tribute to them into my CD player. Not because I didn't think the electronic medium was capable of capturing all the many elements that go to make Floyd such a unique event, but because most other tribute albums I've come across merely take without giving anything in return.

Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to hear renditions of modern classics that strayed close to the originals without merely substituting one sound for another, adding sfx and alternate percussion patterns, minimalism where once there was chaos and even vocals that actually seem to work well within this decidedly clinically cleaner landscape.

There are moments when the only additions to a perfectly good song in the first place are bouncy analog bass lines or slightly more modern sounding pads, as is the case with Dynamichrome's stab at Money - Floyd's grand entrance into three minute long pop song land - and here treated to a rework that retains all the hyper crucial elements that made the original work so well, right down to one of those two landmark guitar solos.

On the other end of the scale is Hande Frei's rendition of Have A Cigar which employs all manner of percussive elements and a gloriously droll melody line tone which occasionally meanders into known territory.

Other classics include Welcome To The Machine, Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell and even an acid mix of Comfortably Numb.

Rating - 724,109 (out of a possible 1,000,000)