Hywel Davies - Natural Language

When Hywel Davies starts putting sounds together you can expect to hear things that you won't hear every day. We're talking whispers with rainfall, passing cars being chased by ghosts and dueling foghorns. It all feels strangely familiar, not because it's been done before but because at some point the combination of these various sounds may actually come fairly close to something you may have heard in "real" life, remembered vaguely until you here it here again.

But it's not all about the type of sounds that are being used, there's also a focus on the quality of sound. When wind chimes do their tinkling thing you are there, right next to them. Clear as crystal with zero coloration.

Again Hywel has produced a mesmerizing work, but I'm also hearing something less than the serene and untroubled vistas which are normally associated with works of ambience. There's something wicked coming this way so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.

Rating - 891,422 (out of a possible 1,000,000)