Trance Atlantic Air Waves - The Energy Of Sound

From the person responsible for creating the multi-million selling Enigma phenomenon, back in the late eighties, comes a barrage of popular television and film hits re-created for your listening pleasure, with the help of the kind of state of the art hi-fidelity digital equipment that is currently remodeling the face of music.

Just take a look at the track listing above and imagine the mega yesteryear pop favourites souped up by about a thousand percent (go on - it's easy) and get an idea of the way Romanian composer Michael Cretu thinks music should sound in this modern age we all enjoy living in.

After all, why just use one fat synth string pad when you can have 20, all stacked up on top of each other, with various sonically lush and deliciously creamy toppings thrown in for good measure and with arrangements so right you'll have difficulty remembering what the originals ever sounded like.

His many fans around the world will no doubt regard the original works, namely Addiction Day, Twelve After Midnight and L-42, as highlights of the album, although those new to his music and the original themes will have difficulty telling them apart.

Danish guitarist Jens Gad assists Cretu throughout, and gives extra added life to every track as bubbling analog sequences, highly sweetened sound effects and mind bogglingly intricate percussion parts take up every iota of remaining slack that ever existed anywhere throughout this excellently produced album.

Rating - 822,040 (out of a possible 1,000,000)