Equinox - Holon

With an impressive collection of sound effects, driving beats and themes that actually go somewhere and do something Holon, by Canadian duo Equinox has to rate as one of the best dance electronic albums to appear on my desktop in at least a month.

Only a few minutes into Contact, the opening cut, I can sense things moving towards a future point. Incessantly resolving into a master plan, and there it is - a streamlined and majestic pad surrounded by simple but effective trimmings.

The sense of movement, of tightly defined sonic structuring, carries right on over into Nova Man with it's giant step Liam Howlett style downbeat, bubbling moog strobes and sequenced bass lines. Again peaking with a swoopy synth pad, effectively leveling the hand made tower. Turning it into a vast and staggeringly beautiful plateau.

Needless to say we played this CD lots, and every time I found myself listening out for the more excellent than excellent Binary Star, which for religious reasons will not be put into words.

Rating - 900,278 (out of a possible 1,000,000)