Psychotica - Espina

Shades of post 86 Sisters Of Mercy are soon smeared across rainbow colored lips of hard rock by Psychotica as they drag my sensibilities kicking and screaming up a mile-high rise before tipping me over the edge for the ride of my life.

At the end of it all I can't believe forty minutes went by so quickly, so off I go again.

At least 372 easily discernible individual elements coming together and having a ball right on through to the closer, Soldier Of War, which gives everything again and again.

Talk about leaving you wanting more - these N.Y. based glam goth metal rockers leave you wanting it all.

Ultimately the brainchild of singer songwriter Pat Briggs and bass player/guitarist Ena Paul Kostabi, Psychotica puts a brutally honest face back onto good old rock and roll, with as much pomp and glam and grinding guitar, fat analog synths and expertly programmed electronics (courtesy of producer Doug DeAngelis) as they feel is necessary to turn those heads.

But once turned (ideally all the way around) they'll stay that way for an indefinable period of time.

Rating - 990,640 (out of a possible 1,000,000)