Gary Numan - Exile

When the going gets a little too nice you'll find me reveling in the best the dark side has to offer, and thanks to Gary Numan I now have another reason to slip into the shade as Exile, his latest release, prepares to make its way across to the United States after receiving more than favorable reviews since it's European debut a couple of months ago.

Mr. Numan himself sent us a copy of the album so I guess this is the first U.S. review!

The main theme, which first appears during the opening piece, ultimately binds all nine movements together and serves to make Exile into a work that begs to be played in its entirety. Although easily divisible for radio playability Gary Numan certainly hasn't gone out of his way to make kids and grannies run out and buy it, rather he's aiming fair and square at whoever cares to listen to and enjoy a thought provoking and powerful album.

Prepare to be taken to places you've never been before as he explores the possible misinterpretations of that well known hardback known as the bible, and furthermore muses as to wether "believers" just plain got it wrong.

There's also a built-in warmth factor within the reoccurring theme, which ensures that his relatively minimal use of electronic musical equipment generated bits remain as infused with the same kind of passionate afterglow that the guitar parts all get. The overall liquid quality makes Exile truly unique.

Rating - 820,042 (out of a possible 1,000,000)