Perfume Tree - Feeler

Perfume Tree, a band out of Vancouver, Canada, have put together nine seriously cool tunes. Excellently crafted and well executed music that use the simplest of grooves to get the point across.

Although electronic music fans in their home town may be well familiar with their unique sound there will no doubt be many others around the world, upon hearing their debut album on the World Domination label entitled Feeler, wondering why they haven't heard from them before.

Nevertheless here they are. Consisting of Jane Tilley on vocals and bass, Peter Lutwyche (Guitar, keyboards and programming) and Bruce Turpin (Live beats), together creating deceivingly unassuming music which nonetheless grabs your sensibilities and doesn't let go.

Instantaneous and Too Early, Too Late are, for me, the most representative of what the band is all about musically. Both coming in at over ten minutes they exhibit the magical mix of vibrancy and tranquility which makes the brew happen so well.

Here's one new listener who'll be listening out for more from Perfume Tree.

Rating - 817,003 (out of a possible 1,000,000)