Photek - Form & Function

Here comes Photek again, this time with his trademark meticulously crafted grooves flying high above the monotone plane that has, up until now, kept the melodic aspects of his music from coming through. With free form elements finally and fully able to do their thing I see a departure from the mold in subsequent releases.

Not that tightly woven drum and bass driven music doesn't take me places I like to go, it's just that the lack of space has tended to cloud the big picture for me, blurring that fine line the music somehow follows and introducing elements of claustrophobia into works that could just as equally be moving out sideways as well as full steam ahead.

Filled primarily with remixes (see track list above) of previously released vinyl only cuts, there are two "new" offerings in the form of Knitevision and Santiago, both of which give a taste of things to come in 99 when the latest from Photek jumps into the scene to no doubt help redefine the state of the art.

Rating - 822,616 (out of a possible 1,000,000)