Sadhappy - Good Day Bad Dream

Sadhappy were popular favourites on the Seattle scene even before Nirvana and the other guitar rock supergroups hit it big. And with their unique and decidedly alternative approach to jazzpunkfusion they continue to push the envelope as far as they feel necessary.

Joining the core members Paul Hinklin (bass guitar) and Evan Schiller (drums and samples) on this their latest release on Periscope is acclaimed bass guitar virtuoso Michael Manring, who also does double duty as synth player, providing subtle analog and digital enhancements throughout.

Wait a minute. Lets back up a little. That's right, two bass players in this band. But don't think for one second that the album sounds like some bottom heavy bass solo showcase. Far from it.

There's a vibrancy throughout which is, at times, enhanced by barely restrained free-form passages, elevating the whole experience to staggering heights. At other times careful orchestration gives the impression of mayhem, when in fact all is totally under control, as in Honeymoon Deathbed which seems unstoppable.

Also listen out for spoken word from Hinklin which turns parts of the CD a distinct shade of Crimson, helping put a personal touch to an album which will appeal to those who are looking for something decidedly different.

Rating - 748,012 (out of a possible 1,000,000)