Daft Punk - Homework

Mutant radio and glorious downtown ambience gives the front end of Homework a real life quality, seamlessly moving you from one happening party to the next. Life is actually like this for lots of people and you too can now be part of that scene without even trying.

In a world where cool disco music is again the motivating factor for those who would normally be sat at home figuring out how to get out of the house Daft Punk have created a What's Going On for modern disco devotees.

Da Funk officially starts the album. Rain takes you to the beach to chill out for a while. Burnin' gets you back to that place you were at a few weeks ago that plays that far future stuff all the time.

There are actually several tracks on this album that could help initiate new genres of electronic music, and although it's all dance orientated there are some fresher than usual treatments of tried and tested material. As for their direction in subsequent releases could Alive be a taste of their future.

I hope so.

Rating: 899,491 (out of a possible 1,000,000)