Homogenic - Björk

Preparing for a long journey? Then go out and buy Homogenic. I can't think of any better listening while things whizz buy outside the window.

In my opinion Homogenic is her best release to date, not that it should be, but there's a confidence surrounding the whole thing, a courage that really makes this work reach out and grab you.

As far as laying claim to the number one spot in the production department is concerned I was pleased to see an ever present assistant of one form or another, even though I'm sure she would have been more than capable of handling the whole thing on her own. An extra set of ears is a sensible and intelligent necessity, especially when you're a "work in progress" such as Björk with tens of thousands of new listeners ready to join the club.

As for vocal performances I don't think I've heard better from her. There's a performance on 5 Years that pretty much gives it all, and Pluto processes it out of all proportion, making it something inhuman.

At the time of writing this Björk is nominated for a Grammy (for best alternative music performance) which may well get to her hands but hopefully not to her head.

Rating - 834,922 (out of a possible 1,000,000)