Hovercraft - Vagus Nerve / De-Orbit Burn remix

As electronic music makes it's way ever forward it is also cutting quite the swathe as Hovercraft no doubt noticed when Scanner produced two recent remixes of their music.

A listen to their full length album Akathisia released earlier this year had me actually imaging possible remix possibilities as it played. The raw material is there just begging for some kind of full on electronic treatment complete with sound effects, analog washes and all the trimmings. Not to say swirling and guitar feedback doesn’t make the grade, it's just that sometimes they don't quite provide the breadth of expression that is sometimes needed to get a the thought across to the listener, especially when there's no one there singing stuff at the same time.

Sound effects are present on Akithisia, used mainly to set the scene. The "original" version of De-orbit Burn for example opens with a cyclic sample of some kind which soon fades away to reveal the work beneath. On the remix the general noise level is maintained throughout which makes for a much creepier ominous feel. The big strings just before the song crests really help define the overall picture without making anything too obvious.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to hearing what they come up with on their next full length release. In the meantime I'm going to load Angular Momentum into my Mac and extend those cool samples they open with.

Rating - 702,888 (out of a possible 1,000,000)