Hyper Civilizado - Arto Lindsay Remixes

Some great remixes on this CD, kicking off with an ultra groove mix of Lindsay's Mundo Civilizado by DJ Spooky, then straight into a spoken word piece that floats out of harms way as aggressive heavily treated percussion samples and a dysfunctional digital diatribe wage war way below.

It's a joy to hear the treatments given to Lindsay's critically acclaimed Mundo Civilizado, having himself been a mainstay of the NY downtown scene since the days of No Wave it's great to hear angles from some of the best around.

The two versions of Q Samba are good examples of the kind of goodies that can be pulled from an original work. On one hand you have a light but nonetheless intricately styled rendition from Sub Dub, complete with it's latin amerika groove. On the other, immediately after it, a heavy percussion based track with a couple of audio mind scene's injected into this excellently crafted remix.

I found the album to be as easy and enjoyable to listen to as any so far this year. Arto Lindsay himself commissioned some of coolest of the New York electronic music artists to rework his album, and rework it they did. Check out the Complicity M28 mix and tell me these electrocats don't have a deep and profound respect for his work.

Rating: 870,317 (out of a possible 1,000,000)